The Man I Really Want, Part I

I was on a second date the other day, when my date said something that almost knocked me to my knees. We were at a gallery opening, the kind of event less about the art itself than the scene: free wine and cheese, a DJ spinning trendy, Euro-trash EDM, and enough goodlooking people to keep […]

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Why Art Sucks

A guy friend of mine recently made a comment about one of my articles recently that really, really pissed me off. He said that in calling myself ‘moderately attractive’ at the beginning of Ten Things NOT To Do While Hitting On Me, I myself was breaking not one, but two of my own rules within […]

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Vixen Manifesto (the original)

Vixen Manifesto 1. It is possible for every single person alive to have amazing, passionate, mind-altering sex. In fact, as human beings it is not only possible, it is our birthright. 2. Everyone should have a relationship with her/his sexuality completely separate from any other (romantic or otherwise). Your sexuality doesn’t depend on anyone else, […]

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Ten Things NOT to Do When I’m Being a Bitch

Women don’t come with a manual. If they did, men wouldn’t need man caves. The truth is, part of what makes women appealing can also make them terrifying. Their emotional volatility is either fascinating or distressing, depending on both how it’s expressed, yes – but also how it’s taken. Every woman’s got her moods. Most […]

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Ten Things He Loves About Women (That Have Nothing To Do With Looks)

Many of you read my piece, Ten Things I Find Sexy About Men (That Have Nothing to Do With Looks). One of you wanted to reply. Without further ado, here is a guest piece by my good friend and reader, Jon Mimisy:   “Ten Things I Find Sexy About Women (That Have Nothing To Do […]

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10 Things To Avoid Doing When Hitting On Me

Being a moderately attractive young woman, I get hit on a fair amount, and I see some of the same mistakes being made by men over and over. In an effort to spare both you, my fine male friends (not to mention myself), I’m going to break it down for you. Because chances are, right now […]

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Why I Said, “We Shouldn’t Date.”

I have a little crush on someone I shouldn’t. As in, the circumstances are such that we really shouldn’t be together … he dated someone close to me and it just wouldn’t be cool unless we got serious. But how is one supposed to know that before something has even started? It’s the classic it-would-really-suck-for-a-whole-lot-of-people-if-we-didn’t-work-out […]

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How NOT To Have Me Trust You

So there’s this guy I was seeing – we’ll call him Mickey. (Seriously – why do I always pick the most retarded names for the pseudonyms? I literally spend five minutes and come up blank. If anyone has a list of men’s names that don’t suck but also aren’t stupid or boring, please let me […]

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Almost Maybe

Dude, my life is FULL of Almost Maybes right now. It’s killing me. You know what I’m talking about – that guy (or girl) with whom it almost maybe works, but doesn’t quite. It’s close to what you want without actually being it, which makes it even harder to let go of. It’s especially annoying […]

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Incidental Sex

Some sex is meaningful. It means something when you finally sleep with that guy in your building you’ve been flirting with for months but never got the guts up to ask out. It means something when the girl from your kickball league you wanted from the moment you laid eyes on her, finally says yes […]

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