A Woman’s Biggest Fear

Yep, this is one of those times I make a wild generalization that I end up getting some flak for but more of the time, people agree with me. I’m seeing someone. He’s great. Kind, funny, takes the lead, and the sex is great. It’s wonderful. Normally, we get together and there’s no drama. It’s […]

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Meetup just shut down my group. I’m a little scared about why

Sometimes working in the field of sexuality sucks. I’m a woman coach, and I help men understand women better. I help them get comfortable with their own sexuality and support women’s sexuality in a way that feels safe and inviting. I teach them how to approach women respectfully and directly, without being creepy. Ultimately, I […]

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Are You Sexually Frustrated, Too? Let’s Talk About It

Photo credit: Stephen Acuna So there’s this thing that happens when spring hits: Lots of people want to have sex. This is standard. It’s natural. As the sun starts to get brighter, the days longer, and spaghetti straps reappear, people get, well … randy. The fact is, with all the societal and cultural weirdness – […]

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My Top 10 Pros & Cons for Getting Into a Relationship (as a Woman)

Ahhhh, relationships. That most fraught territory in the realm of human experience. That place where we crash and burn, where we are lifted up into a bliss and connection beyond our conscious mind’s capacity … and where we are smashed into the earth with a velocity that often leaves us bloody and broken, whimpering into […]

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That Time I Accidentally Got On Tinder, Then Realized I Hate Everything About It

This past weekend, I got back on Tinder. I had taken a just-under-2-year hiatus. Now, to be clear, I don’t really have anything against Tinder. In fact, I had a very nice lay not long before I got off of it. We had epic hotel sex and I had no complaints. I even keep in […]

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5 Ways I Want to Feel With My Future Man

[Photo by Bryan Brenneman] This is an edgy piece for me to write right now. First, because I feel self-conscious sharing it, as though I’m afraid someone will call me selfish or ungrateful or unrealistic for naming what I truly want. Second, because I’m not even sure I want to be in a relationship at […]

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My Biggest Fear When it Comes to Getting Into Another Relationship

I say I want a relationship, and I do. I’ve never had a truly healthy one and I’d really like live inside one, to know what it feels like, to grasp the joy and meaning of it, the growth and intimacy. Given my real and true longing for this, it’s a little puzzling that I’ve never had […]

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I Surveyed Over 1,000 People About Dating Problems. Here’s What They Said

[Photo credit: Cristina Souza] I’m a member of a beach cleanup crew. We meet regularly. There is a cute guy on this crew, and a few weeks ago, we got to talking a little bit. When I got home that day, I saw that he’d friended me on Facebook. He has no girl in his […]

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The Secret Relationship Killer No One is Talking About

I broke up with my last boyfriend because of sex. I didn’t tell him that, of course. I told him other things, things that were also true. So it’s not that I lied, but I didn’t share the full truth. I didn’t tell him the full story for the same way a lot of people […]

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I Really Love That He Did This After Our Date

There is something deliciously, marvelously, exquisitely sexy about a man who pursues. I met a guy at a party recently who Friended me that night on Facebook. He hit me up the next day, asking how I was, etc., and we chatted for a day or two before he asked for my number. It flowed […]

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