1. It is possible for every single person alive to have amazing, passionate, mind-altering sex. In fact, as human beings it is not only possible, it is our birthright.

  2. Everyone should have a relationship with her/his sexuality completely separate from any other (romantic or otherwise). Sexuality doesn’t depend on anyone else, and it is a vital part of one’s personal power.

  3. Monogamy isn’t for everyone. It’s time to be realistic about that and stop pretending it works for everybody. It doesn’t.

  4. Not all relationships are meant to last – even long-term ones. If we aren’t learning and growing within a relationship, it’s time to get out. Having been together for a long time is NOT a reason to stay together.

  5. One in four girls and one in six boys are survivors of sexual abuse, a huge factor in one’s current sexual reality. If you are one, know the following: 1. You are not alone. 2. It wasn’t your fault. 3. Help is available. 4. You can heal. Fully.

  6. It is absolutely impossible for one person to fulfill all of your needs. Problematically, this is the current model for romantic relationships in our culture. We need a new one.

  7. The way people receive love is different: some people feel loved when they are told aloud; others want to be shown, with gifts or acts of service. Social science shows us that over and over, people assume that others are like them. They’re not. Understanding fundamental personality differences like these can make or break relationships.

  8. Relationship Ed should be taught in schools the way Sex Ed is.

  9. Unresolved trauma is the root cause of most issues in relationship

    . Many times relationships force us to confront our deepest Family Of Origin (FOO) “issues.” So we commit to confronting them, instead of just unconsciously repeating old patterns. We’re about being FOO fighters.

  10. World peace will only be achieved when every person is raised in a healthy, loving, functional family system.* By learning to have healthy relationships, we have the power to change the world – literally.


*healthy does not necessarily mean traditional nuclear family, nor does it mean “perfect.”

Note: I address dynamics between the masculine and feminine. These are just words that describe energy patterns, not gender. Someone who identifies as a woman can have a core masculine essence; someone who identifies as a man can have a core feminine one. Everyone is welcome here: hetero/gay/lesbian/transgender/queer and others. However you identify will be respected.